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"… your fruit shall multiply greatly... stretch out your outreaches and evangelistic ministries, and prepare for increase in the church… stretch out our cell groups, that daughter churches may be birthed… reach out to many churches, for you will cause many desolate places and struggling churches to become fruitful as you become a pattern church and a strength to many… You are to rejoice as your members and your ministers go to the nations, for there will be an inheritance for you among the nations!"

: : Prophecy by Rev. Norman Holmes – February 19, 2006 : :

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While 3 areas have started outreach churches — MZCF Welfareville, MZCF Old Zaniga and MZCF Maysilo, the three more areas in Mandaluyong meet in cell groups.


Area One with Pastor Linda S. Abisado as Area Pastor covers the following barangays in Mandaluyong: Daang Bakal, Harapin ang Bukas, Bagong Silang and Burol. At present there are two active cell groups – Harapin ang Bukas which started 1st week of June, 2007 and Haig which started also in 2007. The youth ministry is very active in both of these barangays. Ptra. Linda along with Sisters Evelyn del Socorro, Imelda Albolote, Nelia Tadiña and Marlyn Baliuag all share the vision of being able to reach out to more youth in these areas.

God is working in the lives of the people through answered prayers like the restoration of electricity in Barangay Haig after its electric supply was cut off of almost a year, and the normal delivery of two mothers who were due for caesarian operation. Indeed, our God is faithful and good!


Covering the following barangays: New Zaniga, Poblacion, Hagdang Bato Itaas, Hagdang Bato Libis, and Burol, Area 2, led by Ptr. Tony Goudin holds cell groups in P.Lopez (Annie Isidro as leader) where the manifest presence of God is felt in their meetings; P. Gomez (Onette Goudin as leader), and P. Lopez children cell (EJ Patagnan as leader). More cell groups are envisioned to be started, one in Hagdang Bato Itaas and Hagdang Bato Libis and by God's grace, an outreach church.

AREA 3 (MZCF Welfareville)

Changed lives from addiction to drinking and gambling are testimonies of God's power at work in the lives of members of Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn-Welfareville. On January 20, 2008 through the Bible Study at Barangay Addition Hills B 37, MZCF-Welfareville came into being.

With Rose Alde, Frelan Alde, Harlyn Atido, Precy Acantilado, Flor Atido, Aida Gumale, Pastor George Padilla and Ptra. Amy Valle being the first group of persons who started the church, members of the church who number 30 adults and 14 children have Sunday service and mid-week service every week. Cell groups that are now active are: Wednesday Youth Cell; Monday Cell at Caimito led by Bro. Frelan Alde, Friday Cell led by Ptra. Amy Valle and Mauway Cell handled by Analyn, Ana and Mena. Ptra. Amy Valle also handles the Feeding Ministry while the Youth Ministry is handled by PJ, BJ, Lilet, Alvin – all youth of MZCF and Lory, member of the Yokees.

It is the prayer of the members of this church that new Bible studies and cell groups be started at B38 and new Sunday services opened. At present, cell training for future leaders and workers are being held at MZCF-Mandaluyong. The Worker's Manual for members and leaders of MZCF-Welfareville will soon be introduced.

AREA 4 (MZCF Old Zaniga)

Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn – Old Zaniga which meets in 141 Rev.Aglipay St., Old Zaniga, Mandaluyong was the result of Bible Studies for the youth in 2005 and Vacation Bible School for the children in 2006. Since the church started on June 29, 2008 there are now 42 adults and 15 children attending the Sunday service, mid-week service and bible studies. To minister to all age groups MZCF, Old Zaniga has cell groups, Men's and Ladies Fellowship, youth cell groups, and children's Sunday school. Ptr. Mike Muyot and his wife, Carol, work hand in hand to train future cell leaders through their Saturday Training and Ministry Training Program-ZMI Extension with the end in view of being able to open an outreach in Namayan and J. Rizal, and raising many more Godly leaders.

Reaching out to the lost in their community has been done in many creative ways like "Operation House Make-Over"; Fun nights; Couples' night and Picka-Picka Fellowship; Christmas caroling, feeding and vacation Bible School. In its one year as a church, MZCF Old Zaniga has experienced God's creative healing power. During a Bible study, a girl with epilepsy was instantly healed while a young boy with the same case was healed during one of their Sunday services – testimonies that God hears the prayers of His children.

AREA 5 (MZCF Maysilo)

"By God's grace through faith: we will grow warmer through fellowship; grow deeper through discipleship; grow stronger through worship; grow broader through ministry; and grow larger through evangelism" – this is the statement that strengthens and guides MZCF Maysilo led by Pastor Art Recio. A newly opened outreach in December 2008, MZCF Maysilo which has around 50 in attendance is holds its Sunday afternoon service at the Chowking Maysilo branch along Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong. During weekdays bible study and prayer cells are conducted: Pastor Art and Bro. Mike Ramiro gather the men; Sis. Chie Recio and Sis. Rosario Gonzales handle the mothers; Cora Langi the single ladies; and Dianne Goudin leads the youth.


Barangka Itaas, Barangka Ibaba, Barangay Malamig, Barangay Ilaya and Buwayang Bato is handled by Pastor Efren T. Alzate; has an existing cell group which meets every Wednesday at the Villena's house which began in November 2007; and opening more cell groups is in progress.


Among MZCF's geographical divisions, Area 7 is the largest since it covers places outside Mandaluyong City where MZCF members live. With Pastor Jimmy Isidro as Area Pastor, the members meet for prayer every Thursday, 7 pm at MZCF. It currently has 14 cell groups as shown in the chart. In moving forward with the Lord, Area 7 members plan to hold at least one worship - fellowship service per cell group in a year with the prayer that the cell groups will later on, grow into local churches. Pastor Jimmy also mentioned "Pupuntahan natin ang bawat cell group. Gusto kong makita na maging deacons na rin ang mga cell group leaders."

Aside from the cell groups, the Marikina group does home visitation, especially of homes of sick and elderly members, every Monday afternoon. This year, eight members from the cell groups from Parañaque, Caloocan (deaf-mute) and Marikina were water baptized. On March 28, 2009, the two cell groups in Marikina held a worship service attended by around 50 persons. Sis Myrna, the cell group leader says that, "My vision for our cell groups is that they will later on grow to be a home fellowship church and that prayer evangelism will be part of this. The Lord led us to visit and pray for the sick people and the prisoners in jail."