The Ministry Team

The ministry team.

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The Ministry Team
Ministry Areas

A team of elders shepherd the MZCF flock. They are: Pastors Edwin Abisado, George Padilla, and Audie Valencia. They oversee the overall affairs of the church.

Direct pastoral care is provided by area pastors who cover the six pastoral areas in Mandaluyong (3-4 barangays per area) where members reside and cell groups are located.

Area 1: Ptr. Linda Abisado
Area 2: Ptr. Tony Goudin
Area 3: Ptr. Amie Valle
Area 4: Ptr. Mike Muyot
Area 5: Ptr. Art Recio
Area 6: Ptr. Efren Alzate
Area 7: Ptr. Jimmy Isidro

Area Pastors also coordinate the different ministries within the church center along with the deacons and deaconesses as follows:

Rev. Beulah Badua (Prayer and Intercession)
Ptr. Amie Valle (Feeding Ministry)
Ptr. Leonie Valencia (Foodbank and Office Administration)
Ptr. Efren Alzate (Ushering Ministry)
Sis. Bing Partosa (Records and Reception)
Ptr. Art Recio, Deaconess Chie Recio and Deaconess Zeny Conwi (Marriage Counseling)
Ptr. Tony Goudin (Men's Fellowship)
Deaconess Onette Goudin (Ladies Fellowship)
Ptr. Mike Muyot (Youth Ministry, Music & Media Ministry)
Deaconess Carol Muyot (Children Ministry)
Deacon Joseph Padlan (Ministry to the Street Children / DSWD Children's Choir)
Deaconess Cora Langi (ZMI Extension Bible School)