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Filipino Christian Friends of Israel
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Filipino Christian Friends of Israel

The FCFI Foundation is a ministry of comfort and mercy to Israel and the Jews. It prays for and supports Messianic congregations in Israel and projects of Christian Friends of Israel- Jerusalem, Ebenezer Emergency Fund, Intercessors for Israel and Christian Friends of Israeli communities (Isa 40:1-2).

The vision of FCFI is to help prepare the Jews for the spiritual awakening promised by the prophets. Its mission is to rally Filipino Christians here and abroad to pray, stand for and support Israel and the Jews, to help prepare them for the promised spiritual awakening foretold by the prophets in the Bible. Its purpose is to educate the Body of Christ of God's plan and purpose for Israel and the Jews in the end times. Seminars include topics on: God's Agenda for the Last Days, Anti-Semitism, Aliyah, Ministry to the Holocaust Survivors and Terror Victims, Understanding the Importance of Judea and Samaria in our Days, Being Grafted Back to the Original Olive Tree, Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem and Restoration of Israel: A Prophetic Fulfillment.

FCFI is seen as a twin of the IFP as both were birthed in MZCF. For FCFI, this started out as a prayer group for Israel in MZCF and in the home of Rev. Beulah Badua, the vision-keeper and co-founder of Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP) in 1989. Dr. Grace Ramirez, Mary Ann Isidro and

Annabelle Felipe comprised the initial prayer group. At the IFP, Rev. Beulah also held seminars on Israel as a guide for prayer for Israel.

In 2000, while she was on a retreat in one of the mountains of Mindanao, Rev. Beulah heard from the Lord the instruction to expand the base of support for Israel. So, she and her prayer group and the MZCF leadership worked on the registration of the FCFI Foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission in November 2000. As President and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, Rev. Beulah was designated as the Filipino representative of Christian Friends of Israel- Jerusalem in December 2000. Other officials of the FCFI board are: Vice-Chairman – Pastor Edwin Abisado, Secretary – Pastor George Padilla and Treasurer – Pastor Audie Valencia.

In order to attain its mission and move forward with the Lord, FCFI conducts the following activities:

(1) Israel Update (Manila) – every 3rd Saturday of the month 1-5 pm, Club Filipino, Greenhills, Sn Juan;
(2) Israel Update (Baguio) – once every two months;
(3) Monthly Prayer for Israel – every 1st Friday of the month, 7 pm at MZCF;
(4) Weekly Prayer for Israel – every Thursday, Rev. Beulah's residence;
(5) Yearly Tour to Israel – every May; and
(6) Yearly CFI Conference.