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Food Bank

MZCF maintains a "Food Bank" to help needy members and unbelievers including those people who knock outside the church gates to ask for food. Members are encouraged to bring food items every Sunday Service. These are stocked up and given out when a need arises. Any member can "withdraw for themselves or in behalf of the needy. This is a way of showing that God cares through His church. Bagfuls of grocieries are given out to families and individuals every December through the Food Bank Ministry.

Feeding Ministry

The people we serve through the feeding ministry represent a small number of the poorest of the poor in the city. Through this outreach, many have become believers and worshipers of the true God. Bible studies for this group of people are also held in their locality. In providing free meals to poor and needy people, we want to make a bold statement that God cares for them. More or less 200 young and old indigents of the city are served during feeding programs which are done through our area churches. .

Nutritional Supplement Distribution (Reliv)

Aside from providing the needs of poor people and maintaining a food bank, MZCF has been blessed to be chosen as the official partner of Reliv Kalogris Foundation (US) for the free distribution of Reliv Food Supplement Products to malnourished children and adults. Since 2001, more than 700 churches ministering to 70,000 people have been blessed through this ministry.