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People Ministries
Temple Ministries
Prayer and Intercession
Ministry to the Poor
Ministry to the Sick / Disabled
Missions and Church-planting
Ministry Training / Equipping

Children's Ministry

Children are included in the adult worship song service after which they are asked to come before the whole congregation to be blessed with prayers before they go to their respective Sunday School classes. During summer, a week-long Daily Vacation Bible School blesses an average of 250 children. Extension VBS classes are also held in outreach localities.

What kids learn today are building blocks in shaping their future. Forming these little minds is critical and it is our responsibility to give them the best that we can offer – Jesus.

Youth Aflame (Youth Ministry)

A generation that stands up for righteousness and fear of the Lord is the generation we want to be included in. We invite each person ages 12-23 to come join our youth fellowship and see what’s hot & what’s not through God’s perspective.

Those who cannot attend the regular Saturday fellowships are cared for in the Youth Aflame Synergy held right after the Sunday Worship Service.

YAPro (Young Adults and Professionals)

Transitioning from being a student to a professional is both a nerve-wracking but exciting phase of one’s life. Be part of this group ofyoung professionals that can encourage to become more than just successful in each field of work – but showing most of all the life of Christ with excellence.

Ladies Ministry

A monthly assembly for the women of the church is held every last Sunday at 1:30pm.

Men of Zion

The men of the church gather every last Sunday at 2:00pm for their focused study and discussion of the Word of God, prayer and fellowship.

Marriage Counseling

Entering a new life together as husband and wife requires an essential preparation and deep foundation to make every detail work. What else could be more important than having God as a center of your marriage?

Cell Groups and Discipleship

Multiply. This is not just happening on social networks, but most importantly in God’s kingdom! What can be more fulfilling than spreading His Word, cultivating and letting it grow beautifully till people behold the image of Christ!