Text Box: Vol. 8 No. 91    November 6, 2011

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 There are events in life which have the power to transform the way we look at the world.

 In this world where Christ may†††† return at the appointed time of God, the parable of the ten††† virgins warns, WE MUST BE READY. (Matthew 25:1-13)

 Because we donít know the exact time, we must prepare for a†† delay, but be ready today.

 The reality of Jesusí return should make us watchful, alert,††††††††††††† self-controlled and holy as we long for His appearing.


How to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord?

1. Exercise your faith to make it stronger.

Philippians 2:12-13


ďThere are no labor-saving devices for growing a garden of spiritual virtue. Becoming a person of spiritual fruitfulness requires time,†† attention, and care.Ē

†- First Things First, by A. Roger Merrill

 When God saves you He calls you to a life of OBEDIENCE.

 If youíre going to be a fruitful Christian then you need to put forth some effort by living in OBEDIENCE to Godís Word.

 Working out our salvation means we live out the faith we have in Christ.

 Working out our salvation means living in OBEDIENCE to Godís Word.


2. Become spiritually fit

1 Timothy 4:8

 It is by exercising our FAITH that we grow our faith.

 Your FAITH can still remain†††††††† insufficient if you do not back it up by actions.

 Every human being has some degree of faith in him or her, the only difference that determines its manifestation lies in our†††† ability to live the faith.


3. Examine yourself

2 Corinthians 13:5