Text Box: Vol. 8 No. 83   September 11, 2011

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· God can read man like a book.         Because He is omniscient and can see into every heart, He knows our thoughts, motives and deeds. No detail in life is too small or          insignificant. A sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His                 knowledge, and the hairs on our head are all numbered (Matthew 10:29-30).

· Not only does He see and know all, He records all. God keeps books on the affairs of men. One day we all will stand before the judgment seat of Christ the Messiah and give            account of our lives. The book of life will be opened and only those names  inscribed will be welcomed into Heaven. The others will be sent to be tormented in the lake of fire. The consequences of making the wrong choice – rejecting Jesus and His free gift of grace – are so dire that the Lord interrupts a               celebration by 70 of His disciples to stress this point in Luke 10:17-20. The men have returned from the missions field with joy, informing the Lord that even the demons are subject to them in His name. But Jesus responds, “do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rather rejoice because your names are written in Heaven.”

· Another  book critical to the spiritual welfare of a believer is found in Malachi 3:16-18. It is called the book of                        remembrance and is found only in this Old Testament passage. Because God does not change, it is reasonable to assume this book remains open. Christians should     desire inclusion in the book of remembrance, because it is a barometer of our                     relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If our relationship is right with Him – and we know by the Spirit bearing witness with our spirit (Romans 8:16) – our names are secure in the book of life.

· God is detailed and meticulous about records. He’s got several books in heaven. (Rev. 20:12)

· God records all our works here on earth. Some of those books will be opened in the day of judgment.

· But there’s one book which is opened from time to time, and that is the book of                 remembrance.

· What does  the book of         remembrance mean to us?