MZCF Katimo

Pastor Renie SesbreƱo from Brgy. Katimo, Tagkawayan, Quezon, who had been praying for a spiritual covering was introduced to the elders of MZCF by Pastor Diony Flores, pastor of MZCF Capuluan Central, Guinayangan, Quezon. This was the beginning of a relationship between MZCF and their church. Ptr. Renie requested MZCF to help him establish the church on stronger spiritual foundation. In the ensuing months that followed small teams from MZCF were sent to help strengthen the church. Later, Ptr. Renie and his congregation, sensing that it was the will of God requested MZCF to fully take them in as a daughter church. His request was prayerfully granted and now this church is called MZCF Katimo.

The church is currently being pastored by Ptr. Rainer helped by Bro. Michael Sesbreno, son of Pastor Renie, and a ZMI graduate of 2010.


Ptr. Rainer Gadon
Aplaya, Katimo, Tagkawayan, Quezon

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