MZCF Antipolo

People coming because they see a change in their relatives’ lives is Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn – Antipolo’s testimony of God’s faithfulness. On April 22, 2007 MZCF, Antipolo was born through Bible studies at the residence of the Seña family where Sunday services and Friday Bible study are still held. Noel & Beth Abisado, Seth Baluyot, Arjun and Licette Pelias, Seña Family were the key people when the church which now has a membership of 22 adults and 10 children started. Pastor Arjun Pelias has Licette Pelias – deaconess (worship leader and youth leader), Rev. Seth Baluyot – treasurer, Prescila Sarmiento – Bible study leader/youth and Kim Seña – Children’s ministry to help him with their Wednesday Prayer meetings; Friday Cell groups; Children’s Sunday School; and Youth Ministry every Saturday afternoon. This June MZCF, Antipolo will hold its evangelism and discipleship training for committed members and anointed music and worship training for potential musicians and worship leaders. The members and leaders of the church are praying for more opportunities to open Bible studies and conduct a midweek service soon. With this also comes a prayer that the Lord will provide a bigger place outside the subdivision in order to accommodate more people.


Ptr. Arjun Pelias
Lores, Antipolo City

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