MZCF Maysilo

“By God’s grace through faith: we will grow warmer through fellowship; grow deeper through discipleship; grow stronger through worship; grow broader through ministry; and grow larger through evangelism” – this is the statement that strengthens and guides MZCF Maysilo led by Pastor Art Recio. A newly opened outreach in December 2008, MZCF Maysilo which has around 50 in attendance is holds its Sunday afternoon service at the Chowking Maysilo branch along Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong. During weekdays bible study and prayer cells are conducted: Pastor Art and Bro. Mike Ramiro gather the men; Sis. Chie Recio and Sis. Rosario Gonzales handle the mothers; Cora Langi the single ladies; and Dianne Goudin leads the youth.


Ptr. Art Recio
Chowking Maysilo, Mandaluyong

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