MZCF Old Zaniga

Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn – Old Zaniga which meets in 141 Rev.Aglipay St., Old Zaniga, Mandaluyong was the result of Bible Studies for the youth in 2005 and Vacation Bible School for the children in 2006. Since the church started on June 29, 2008 there are now 42 adults and 15 children attending the Sunday service, mid-week service and bible studies. To minister to all age groups MZCF, Old Zaniga has cell groups, Men’s and Ladies Fellowship, youth cell groups, and children’s Sunday school. Ptr. Mike Muyot and his wife, Carol, work hand in hand to train future cell leaders through their Saturday Training and Ministry Training Program-ZMI Extension with the end in view of being able to open an outreach in Namayan and J. Rizal, and raising many more Godly leaders.

Reaching out to the lost in their community has been done in many creative ways like “Operation House Make-Over”; Fun nights; Couples’ night and Picka-Picka Fellowship; Christmas caroling, feeding and vacation Bible School. In its one year as a church, MZCF Old Zaniga has experienced God’s creative healing power. During a Bible study, a girl with epilepsy was instantly healed while a young boy with the same case was healed during one of their Sunday services – testimonies that God hears the prayers of His children.


Ptr. Mike Muyot
Old Zaniga Brgy. Hall, Mandaluyong

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