MZCF Welfareville

Changed lives from addiction to drinking and gambling are testimonies of God’s power at work in the lives of members of Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn-Welfareville. On January 20, 2008 through the Bible Study at Barangay Addition Hills B 37, MZCF-Welfareville came into being.

With Rose Alde, Frelan Alde, Harlyn Atido, Precy Acantilado, Flor Atido, Aida Gumale, Pastor George Padilla and Ptra. Amy Valle being the first group of persons who started the church, members of the church who number 30 adults and 14 children have Sunday service and mid-week service every week. Cell groups that are now active are: Wednesday Youth Cell; Monday Cell at Caimito led by Bro. Frelan Alde, Friday Cell led by Ptra. Amy Valle and Mauway Cell handled by Analyn, Ana and Mena. Ptra. Amy Valle also handles the Feeding Ministry while the Youth Ministry is handled by PJ, BJ, Lilet, Alvin – all youth of MZCF and Lory, member of the Yokees.

It is the prayer of the members of this church that new Bible studies and cell groups be started at B38 and new Sunday services opened. At present, cell training for future leaders and workers are being held at MZCF-Mandaluyong. The Worker’s Manual for members and leaders of MZCF-Welfareville will soon be introduced.


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