MZCF Capuluan

In the summer of 1994, the Young Adults of MZCF decided to hold their camp in Barangay Capuluan Central, Guinayangan, Quezon. Shortly before this time, Bro. Diony Flores and wife Evelyn, former members of MZCF but have transferred to MZCF daughter church in Taguig, have decided to settle there in reponse to Diony’s parents’ plea to help them with farm and fish pond work. Part of the camp program was a medical and dental outreach for the barangay residents. Jesus film was also shown and the Gospel preached. It had not been easy for the couple during their early years of church planting as they encountered difficulties and persecution. Nevertheless, through the grace of God, an MZCF daughter church was established.

Today, Pastor Diony and Sis. Evelyn continue to lead the church. In later years, Sis. Annabel Rocero and Pastor Rainer and Sis. Racquel Gadon were sent to become part of the MZCF leadership. As Chairman of the Guinayangan Ministers Fellowship, Pastor Flores was instrumental in introducing Zion Seminars that led into the establisment of ZMI extension classes, first held at Revival Christian Ministries, but have now found base in Zion’s Hill Prayer Mountain, Sese, Guinayangan.


Ptr. Diony Flores
Capuluan, Central Guinayangan, Quezon

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